So, I connected with a friend I knew from college today. Something just brought her to mind. So, I messaged her via social media. We spoke via video chat and I found out that she had been feeling very discouraged and she was looking for answers to the big life questions.

Through conversation and hearing what my friend had to say, I was discerning that she was low on faith and not feeling love – from G-d, or from herself.

We decided to start a 30-day challenge, a Journey of Faith. Every day for the next 30 days, starting October 14, I am going to post on the topic of faith. I will pull from various sources – devotionals, articles, videos, etc. Her part of the bargain is to read Hebrews 11 every morning and to find one scripture on G-d’s love toward her.

And so we begin this journey of faith. Feel free to join us along the way. I hope the words that proceed minister to you where you are today and encourage you in your journey of faith.